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Sightseeing, Hotels, Guide services, Food & Transport- ALL EXCELLENT. Guide is such a good guy with best experience, arranged the journey well & so kind to help us deal with changeable situations.
Mr. Zheng Guogui
coordinator of a very high level delegation from China. 19 May 2015
After travelling in India for 12 days I can say it is impressive, India is color, Joy, happiness, spices, diversity, shine, serenity, cultural, spiritual, sun, bright, full of life, funny and interesting people, a county full of traditional and culture that I'm really glad to see and experience someway, India surely took me to the extremes in every way and I'm sure coming back.
Ms.Jimena Egverra
Traveller from Columbia, travelled through our Coy. on her amazing impressions. 25 May 2014
Very thorough service, all requirements met very skilled driver and excellent hotels.
Mr. Charlie Wang
USA. Experience South India with Era Tours - his impressions about our services. 24 Jan 2014
If there is something that really impressed from India, that's the power of smile. It's amazing to see how people in deep poverty have time to smile. In the west people keep complaining about their life, work, family they should come to India and melt with their people to realize how disgraceful they are. Second of all it also impressed me the big influence of religion and spiritual life of the hearts of Indian. As I said, they seem to be much more completed and happy than other people in the world. It's been a trip full of emotions and a discovery of an incredible culture that has changed me forever.
Mr. Mario Gontoler Rahan
A freelance traveller from Spain about his experience on India. 25 May 2014
Representative :- Excellent Guide:- Excellent Transport:- Excellent Hotel:- Good
Mr. Sidhartha Tan
from USA. After travelling to Royal Rajasthan sector. 05 Mar 2012
Travelling with you was great. I would like to travel with you if I get chance.
Ms. Parveena
A traveller from U.K. who travelled with her family to India. 24 Nov 2009
The driver is perfect and really help us a lot. Actually, during our experience in India, all the staff from Era Tour are nice and friendly. Thanks a Lot.
Mr. Li Rengui Genertec
President & Head of delegation from Exhibition & Advtg. Coy. Ltd. PR of China. during IITF Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. 24 Nov 2009.
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